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What's DOAT?
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What is DOAT?


DOAT allows developers to automatically analyse their DPDK applications and produce reports of the applications performance and efficiency.


DOAT can make recommendations to developers about how they can optimise their DPDK applications.

Time Saving

DOAT automates analysis and optimisation tasks that are normally done by developers manually. This will allow developers more time to spend developing their applications rather than performing these tasks.

Out of Band

DOAT is an out of band solution and does not require any code changes to the DPDK application for analysis.


DOAT has been designed to be a generic analysis and optimisation platform that developers would build on top of to suit their needs.


DOAT is easy to run and use

Project Information

Where can you find information about the project


All of the code from the project can be seen in the projects GitHub Repository.


The latest offical release of DOAT (v22.03) can be downloaded here.


A video presentation about DOAT is available below.


A research paper about DOAT is available here.


Video presentation about DOAT


What is the current status of the DOAT project

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